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exam 1 study guide - Varieties of the Human Experience Exam...

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Varieties of the Human Experience Exam 1 Study Guide Anthropology terms/concepts Ethnography (Fieldwork)- study of people Reciprocity vs competition- sharing v. competing Indigenous peoples- first ppl to land. Colonialism (ex. Trail of Tears)- Cultural relativism (limits?)- Seeing other cultures thru their eyes. Limits: cant really do this, but is something to strive for. Ethnocentrism -Thinking your culture is better than others. Stewardship vs ownership- taking care of things that are not necessarily yours. Enculturation -learning a culture Cultural stasis Cultural survival peoples “cultural control & continuity” in the face of an ever changing world dominated by global processes. Finding Anthropology Four subfields of anthropology - 1) Linguistics- analysis of human communication. 2) Biological-study of biological processes of humans and primate relatives. 3) Archeology-retrieval & study of human remains 4)Cultural -study of cultures Origins of anthropology Franz Boas- American anthropologist contributed 4 field approach E.B. Tyler Culture Unilineal cultural evolution Origins of anthropology Salvage ethnography Societies on the Brink Ethnocide vs genocide -more powerful society extinguishes a weaker one v. killing groups of people. Extinction of small societies Benefits of cultural survival Misrepresentations of anthropologists Indigenous Education and the Prospects for Cultural Survival Haskell- 1. Opened in 1884 as a industrial training school 2. Agricultural training for grades 1-5
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exam 1 study guide - Varieties of the Human Experience Exam...

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