MATH 8 Using the Pythagorean Relationship Key


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Unformatted text preview: lationship. a and b usually represent the two legs and c the hypotenuse. Ex 1: A triangle has legs with lengths 5cm and 12cm. How long is the hypotenuse? Solving an equation involving a square: Ex 2: X2 ‐ 3 = 8, solve for X. Instructions: 1. Add/subtract the number(s) that is on the same side of the variable you want to solve. 2. Take the square root of the square to find X. Solving an equation practice: X2 + 5 = 15, solve for X. Finding the missing side: Ex 3: x 5cm 4cm Please find the missing side, x, of the right triangle. Ex 4: 7cm 25cm X Please find the missing side, x, of the right triangle. , then c2 = 72 + 252, c2 = 49 + 625 = 674, c = √674 Ann’s Solution: since Is Ann correct? If she is correct, explain how you know. If she is incorrect, explain the correct method. Homework: Puzzle Worksheets D‐73 and D‐75...
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