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Exam 2 Study Guide - ANTH 160/162/360 Exam 2 Study Guide:...

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ANTH 160/162/360 Exam 2 Study Guide: Buying a Better Witchdoctor: Kenyan politics and economics in the 1980s and 1990s- Not many employment opp. drop in the world market for coffee, and a decline in tourism due to gov. engineered ethnic violence, and opening of new tourism in other part of Africa. Kenya African National Union overspent during their election campaign. Corruption (Goldenberg scandal). Cut public services, privatization of public institutions, downsize state bureaucracies, deregulation of prices, markets and borders. Free market system In other words, a free market economy is "an economic system in which individuals, rather than government, make the majority of decisions regarding economic activities and transactions." [3] In social philosophy , a free market economy is a system for allocating goods within a society: purchasing power mediated by supply and demand within the market determines who gets what and what is produced, rather than the state Privatization of market and cures/potions Wataita- saw witchcraft as antisocial. Maji Marefu- Witchdoctor, took advantage of them wanting to modernize. targeted wealthy, elders, female head of households, all w. power. “Modernization” - increased bc of modernization. He was representing everything they were against ie modernization. Witches- used murder by slow poison most commonly. Can be M or F. Block others from aquiring wealth, their knowledge allows them to monopolize businesses. Engage in witchcraft for money or bc of jealousy. Witch finders take occult items (animal bones, skulls and gourds)from homes and public place. He would ransack their houses. Neoliberalism - an open economic system will lead to economic prosperity and political freedom. Open borders for goods, free market/deregulation. Privitization of structures, cutting of public/gov assistance, powerful world market decides what will be produced and how much it will profit
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Exam 2 Study Guide - ANTH 160/162/360 Exam 2 Study Guide:...

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