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Questions Assign C 08 - Valerie Johnson ABSC 350 Spring...

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Valerie Johnson ABSC 350, Spring 2008 Questions for Reading Assignment C Lovaas, O.I. (1987). Behavioral treatment and normal educational and intellectual functioning in young children. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 55 , 3- 9. (1) What were the criteria for the selection of children to participate in the study? How were children assigned to the intensive-treatment group, control group 1 and control group 2? Do you think that this was a “reasonable” way of assigning children to the intensive-treatment group and control group 1. What alternative ways might the children have been assigned that might have been better and why would it be better? What did the control groups “control” for? A. Criteria for study: Independent diagnoses of autism from medical doctor or licensed PhD psychologist. Chronological age less than 40 months if mute, and less than 46 if echolalic. Prorated mental age of 11 months or more at a CA of 30 months. B. Experimental, Control Group 1 & 2: Subjects were assigned to the experimental group unless there were an insufficient number of staff members available. C. Reasonable?: I think this is a reasonable way to assign clients to each group it looks
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Questions Assign C 08 - Valerie Johnson ABSC 350 Spring...

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