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Questions assign E answers - ABSC 350 2008 Valerie Johnson...

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ABSC 350 2008 Valerie Johnson Reading Assignment E Please read the outline entitled “Teaching a child with autism to approach you and follow simple instructions”. You should be prepared to list the major steps in the process and briefly describe what you would do with a child with autism if you were going to implement each step of the procedures. You do not need to submit any answers about this outline, although you may be asked about the procedures on a quiz. Green, G. (1996). Early behavioral intervention for autism: What does research tell us? In with autism (pp. 29-43). Austin, TX: Pro-Ed. (1) What are the major elements that comprise a “behavior analytic treatment” according to the author? -Teaches small, measurable units of behavioral systematically. -Each step is taught by presenting a specific cue or instruction & a prompt is used if necc. -Appropriate responses are followed by a consequence proven to be rein. For the child -One big goal is to make learning fun and to teach child discrimination among many diff. Stimuli -Teaching trials and repeated many times and responses are recorded -Overall emphasis is on teaching how to learn from normal environment and how to act on the environment in ways that produce positive outcomes. (2) Why does the author note that special training is needed to use behavior analytic methods effectively? -Unskilled individuals may interact with the child in ways that actually make problem behaviors worse. -Some procedures can be easily misused or abused. Not having a well trained behavior analyst performing these procedures may jeopardize the child’s well-being. -If behavior-change procedures are not carried out consistently across settings, people,
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Questions assign E answers - ABSC 350 2008 Valerie Johnson...

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