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Question 6 10 points transverse waves travel on

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Unformatted text preview: (16 points) Bored with the long summer days, you head to the local junkyard to build a musical instrument. You find a variety of pipes (open and closed on one end), wires, bars, etc. Design a musical instrument that can play middle C (f0 = 261.62 Hz). a) (4 pts) To solve this problem, you need to decide what type (string vs pipe; open/partially closed/closed) of musical instrument you will make. What type will you use? b) (6 pts) For the instrument of your choosing, carefully sketch its 3 lowest harmonics (fundamental, 1st and 2nd overtones). c) (6 pts) How long does your instrument need to be to produce the fundamental note? (The speed of sound in air is roughly 343 m/s at STP and, if you choose it, the speed of sound in a metal bar is around 2500 m/s). 5 LB 274 (Spring 2014) – Exam 2 - Version A Question 5 (12 points) Folks with pacemakers are told to stay away from “strong magnetic fields.” The limit according to most manufacturers is 1 mT. Your house has wires th...
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