b consider a potassium ion that is

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Unformatted text preview: ween the plates, the potential difference across the capacitor plates is measured to be 4 V. a. Draw a diagram of the capacitor with the metal disk inserted in the middle of the capacitor. If the left capacitor plate has a negative charge and the right capacitor plate has a positive charge, draw the charge distribution on the capacitor plates and the metal disk. b. Sketch a graph that accurately shows the potential in each region for this set up. c. Sketch a graph that accurately shows the net electric field in each region. d. The metal disk is removed from the center of the capacitor. What is the new potential difference between the capacitor plates? 4 LB 274 (Spring 2014) – Exam 1 Question 4 An ion channel embedded in the cellular membrane has a potential of 40 V across it (in the horizontal direction in the figure to the right). a. Given the typical size of a cell (1μm across), estimate the constant electric field in the channel. (This is the 8 LB 274 (Spring 2014) – Exam 1 9 LB 274 (Spring 2014) – Exam 1 Extra Page for Calculations (Indicate the problem part and number): 10...
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