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If the left capacitor plate has a negative charge and

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Unformatted text preview: notice that one charge is twice the magnitude of the other.) b. Compute the net vector electric field at a location 3cm directly to the right of the +5μC charge. A neutral metal slab is placed between the two charges as shown to the right. c. Using the figure to the right, sketch the charge distribution on the metal slab. d. Compute the vector electric field at the same location as in part (b) that is due to the charges on the metal. Explain your answer. 3 LB 274 (Spring 2014) – Exam 1 Question 3 A large metal disk of thickness 1mm is inserted between two large metal capacitor plates parallel to their surfaces. The distance between the plates is 5mm. The metal disk is equidistant from each capacitor plate. While the metal disk is bet...
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