Please note that credit for correction problems will

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Unformatted text preview: m! (Anything written on scratch paper will not be counted.) Partial credit will be given for problems where you set up the solution but do not actually get the answer to the problem – remember this if you are running short on time. Please note that credit for correction problems will only be given if you have made a significant effort to solve the problem on the exam itself! (In other words, questions where no effort or only token effort has been made cannot earn correction points.) LBC Honor Code: As a member of the Lyman Briggs College Community, I vow to hold myself and my peers to the highest measures of honesty and integrity. I understand that this benchmark is set forward to advance the credibility and pride associated with our college. I will neither give nor receive any unauthorized assistance in completing my work, which includes but is not limited to: papers, repor...
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