Take care to notice that one charge is twice the

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Unformatted text preview: between balls A and B does not change. c. Does the attraction between balls A and B increase, decrease, or remain the same? Explain. d. Indicate the direction of the electric force on ball C by ball A. If this force is zero, state that explicitly. Explain. e. The three balls are arranged so that the all touch, as shown in the top view diagram at right. What is the sign and magnitude of the charge on ball C? Sketch the distribution of charge on the diagram. Explain. 2 LB 274 (Spring 2014) – Exam 1 Question 2 A +5μC charge and a - 10μC charge are “glued in place” as shown below. (Recall 1 μC is 10- 6 C) a. Using the figure above, sketch the electric field lines for this situation. (Take care to...
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