The net charge on ball a is q0 and there is no net

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Unformatted text preview: ts, exams, group work, and classroom conduct. Please sign if you will uphold the Honor Code: _____________________________________________________ PROBLEM SCORE 1 ___________ / 15 2 ___________ / 15 3 ___________ / 15 4 ___________ / 15 5 ___________ / 10 6 ___________ / 15 7 ___________ / 15 TOTAL __________ / 100 LB 274 (Spring 2014) – Exam 1 Question 1 Two identical conducting balls, A and B, are attached to insulating stands. The net charge on ball A is +Q0, and there is no net charge on ball B. a. In the diagram at right, sketch the charge on ball B. b. Balls A and B are observed to attract. Explain why. A third identical conducting ball, ball C, with zero net charge is brought into contact with ball B. The distance...
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