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QuestionsAssignD 08 with answers - Valerie Johnson Reading...

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Valerie Johnson ABSC 350 Reading Assignment D McEachin, J.J., Smith, T., & Lovaas, O.I. (1993). Long-term outcome for children with autism who received early intensive behavioral treatment. American Journal on Mental Retardation, 97 , 359-372. (1) What were the two purposes of this study? A. Examine whether several years after the evaluation at age 7 the children in Lovaas’ experimental group had maintained its treatment gains. B. Examined to which extent Lovaas’ best outcome participants would be considered free of autistic symptoms. (2) Who were the participants in this study? What outcomes or measures were collected for all (or almost all) of the participants? What outcomes or measures would you regard as the most important and why? A. The participants were the same children from Lovaas’ original study except for those in the second control group. B. They used a number of standardized tests including, the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, The Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale, and The Personality Inventory for Children. There was also a more extensive evaluation of the best outcome children. The also measured IQ and school placement. C. I believe the IQ and school placement scores are most important because they had been measured throughout this entire study and that consistency better supports the results of this study. The other assessment measures are important in that they further support the conclusion that this behavioral treatment had a significant effect on the experimental group. (3) What were some of the strengths and possible limitations of the data collection
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QuestionsAssignD 08 with answers - Valerie Johnson Reading...

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