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Chapter 16 - no pics

Chapter 16 - no pics - Chapter 16 15 Century Italian Art th...

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Chapter 16 15 th Century Italian Art Early Italian Renaissance Sculpture Renaissance Quattrocento (400) Renaissance = rebirth o French o Term used later on Humanism o Petrarch – brought about new interest in antiquity o Humanists o Focus and return to individual Goal is to achieve fame (be remembered when dead) o Renewed interest in art of classical antiquity Florence, Firenze (center of Republic of Florence city state) Andrea Pisano, Life of St. John the Baptist, South Doors of Florentine Baptistery, ca. 1330 Renaissance man (interested in many different subjects) o Basically good at everything Only one cathedral in Florence o Always a baptistery next to cathedral Octagonal structure o South doors decorated with a series of relief panels Illustrated life of St. John the Baptist (patron saint) 28 quatrefoil (4 orbs framing scene) panels Organization of space (similar to international gothic) Arte di camimala (most powerful guild) o In charge of wool production o 1401 – competition for panels for east doors of Florentine Baptistery 2 winners Filippo Brunelleschi, Sacrifice of Isaac, 1401-1402 Lorenzo Ghiberti, Sacrifice of Isaac, 1401-1402 o Hellenistic – natural details Lorenzo Ghiberti, “Gates of Paradise” (Isaac and his sons), East Doors of the Florentine Baptistery, 1425-1452 10 panels (took 24 years to complete) Isaac and his sons o Center of left panel o Style (far from medieval) 2 separate times occupying one architectural space
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Linear perspective Horizon line (where ground and sky meet) o Level with eye Orthogonals o Come together at vanishing point Also relates painting to religion Architectural detail Roman columns Very different from relief sculpture Nanni di Banco, Four Crowned Saints, Or San Michele, ca. 1408 – 1414 Free standing sculpture o Revived in Renaissance Commissioned by sculptors and stone maker’s guild Figure’s patron saints are for sculptors 4 free standing sculpture kept within niche Psychological cross referencing o All interacting with each other Spatial integration o Each carved separately o Linens hanging on walls Antiquarianism o Interest in antiquity (collecting and reproducing objects) Donatello, Saint Mark, Or San Michele, 1411-1413 Early renaissance artist Patron saint of Venice Linen draper’s guild Saint Mark o
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Chapter 16 - no pics - Chapter 16 15 Century Italian Art th...

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