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Unformatted text preview: 28E-08 1.934 5.64563E+17 7.457E+02 4.7E-05 3.80794E-08 1.964 5.89654E+17 6.646E+02 4.9E-05 4.45443E-08 1.990 6.14746E+17 5.904E+02 7.1E-05 7.26555E-08 2.799 8.90754E+17 5.226E+02 9.0E-05 1.04047E-07 3.442 1.12913E+18 4.538E+02 1.6E-04 2.13016E-07 6.026 2.00733E+18 3.879E+02 2.4E-04 3.73808E-07 9.039 3.011E+18 3.315E+02 3.2E-04 5.83208E-07 12.055 4.01467E+18 2.834E+02 4.3E-04 9.16696E-07 16.189 5.39471E+18 2.422E+02 4.7E-04 1.17241E-06 17.703 5.89654E+18 2.071E+02 4.9E-04 1.42946E-06 18.454 6.14746E+18 1.770E+02 5.6E-04 1.91149E-06 21.084 7.02567E+18 1.517E+02 6.2E-04 2.46924E-06 23.287 7.77842E+18 1.300E+02 6.2E-04 2.88141E-06 23.218 7.77842E+18 1.113E+02 6.2E-04 3.36553E-06 23.162 7.77842E+18 9.529E+01 6.0E-04 3.80418E-06 22.350 7.5275E+18 8.155E+01 5.6E-04 4.14878E-06 20.802 7.02567E+18 6.976E+01 5.1E-04 4.41693E-06 18.891 6.39838E+18 5.966E+01 4.7E-04 4.75961E-06 17.358 5.89654E+18 5.100E+01 4.3E-04 5.09395E-06 15.837 5.39471E+18 4.358E+01 3.6E-04 4.99082E-06 13.221 4.5165E+18 3.722...
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