TCP IP Illustrated

252130 to be 2 we can check this by executing sun

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Unformatted text preview: outer beyond netb, to gateway, we expect the metric to our subnet ( to be 2. We can check this by executing: sun % ripquery -n gateway 504 bytes from gateway (, metric 1 10.5, metric 2 lots of other lines deleted the top Ethernet in Figure 10.5 the bottom Ethernet in Figure 10.5 Here the metric for the top Ethernet in Figure 10.5 ( stays at 1, since that Ethernet is directly connected to both gateway and netb. Our subnet, however, now has the expected metric of 2. Another Example We'll now watch all the unsolicited RIP updates on an Ethernet and see just what RIP sends on a regular basis to its neighbors. Figure 10.7 shows the arrangement of many of the networks. We have named the routers Rn for simplicity, where n is the subnet number, except for the ones we use elsewhere in the text. We show the point-to-point links with dashed lines and the IP address at each end of these links. file:///D|/Documents%20and%20Settings/bigini/Docu.../homenet2run/tcpip/tcp-ip-illustrated/dynamic.htm (8 of 17) [12/09/2001 14.46.53] Chapter 10. Dynamic Routing Protocols Figure 10.7 Many of the 140.252 networks. We'll run the Solaris 2.x program snoop, which is similar to tcpdump, on the host solaris. We can run this program without superuser privileges, but only to capture broadcast packets, multicast packets, or packets sent to the host. Figure 10.8 shows the packets captured during a 60-second period. We have replaced most of the official hostnames with our notation Rn. solaris % snoop -P -tr udp port 520 0.00000 -> RIP R (1 destinations) 4.49708 -> RIP R (1 destinations) 6.30506 -> RIP R (1 destinations) 11.68317 -> RIP R (1 destinations) 16.19790 -> RIP R (1 destinations) 16.87131 -> RIP R (1 destinations) file:///D|/Docu...
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