TCP IP Illustrated

Default is 0 tcpdeferredackinterval the time to wait

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Unformatted text preview: ints: local IP address and port, foreign IP address and port. udp_trust_optlen (Debug) No longer used. udp_wroff_extra (Debug) Number of bytes of extra space to allocate in buffers for IP options and data-link headers. Default is 32. /dev/tcp tcp_close_wait_interval The 2MSL value: the time spent in the TIME_WAIT state. Default is 240000 ms (4 minutes). tcp_conn_grace_period file:///D|/Documents%20and%20Settings/bigini/Doc...omenet2run/tcpip/tcp-ip-illustrated/append_e.htm (10 of 16) [12/09/2001 14.48.06] Appendix E: Configurable Options (Debug) Additional time added to the timer interval when sending a SYN. Default is 500 ms. tcp_conn_req_max The maximum number of pending connection requests queued for any listening end point. Default is 5. tcp_cwnd_max The maximum value of the congestion window. Default is 32768. tcp_debug (Debug) If 1, enables printing of debug output by TCP. Default is 0. tcp_deferred_ack_interval The time to wait before sending a delayed ACK. Default is 50 ms. tcp_dupack_fast_retransmit The number of consecutive duplicate ACKs that triggers the fast retransmit, fast recovery algorithm. Default is 3. tcp_eager_listeners (Debug) If 1 (default), TCP completes the three-way handshake before returning a new connection to an application with a pending passive open. "This is the way most TCP implementations operate. If 0, TCP passes an incoming connection request (received SYN) to the application, and does not complete the three-way handshake until the application accepts the connection. (Setting this to 0 might break many existing applications.) tcp_ignore_path_mtu (Debug) If 1, path MTU discovery ignores received ICMP fragmentation needed messages. If 0 (default), path MTU discovery is enabled for TCP. tcp_ip abort_cinterval The total retransmit timeout value when TCP is performing an active open. Default is 240000 ms (4 minutes). tcp_ip_abort_interval The total retransmit timeout value for a TCP connection after it is established. Default is 120000 ms (2 minutes). tcp_ip_notify_cin...
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