TCP IP Illustrated

Default is 0 tcpsthrcvlowat debug if nonzero the value

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Unformatted text preview: al. Default is 500 ms. tcp_rexmit_interval_max (Debug) Maximum retransmit timeout interval. Default is 60000 ms (60 seconds). tcp_rexmit_interval_min (Debug) Minimum retransmit timeout interval. Default is 200 ms. tcp_rwin_credit_pct (Debug) Percentage of receive window that must be buffered before flow control is checked on every received segment. Default is 50%. tcp_smallest_anon_port Starting port number to allocate for TCP ephemeral ports. Default is 32768. tcp_smallest_nonpriv_port A process requires superuser privilege to assign itself a port number less than this. Default is 1024. tcp_snd_lowat_fraction (Debug) If nonzero, the send buffer low-water mark is the send buffer size divided by this value. Default is 0 (disabled). tcp_status (Read only) Information on all TCP connections. tcp_sth_rcv_hiwat (Debug) If nonzero, the value to set the stream head high-water mark to. Default is 0. tcp_sth_rcv_lowat (Debug) If nonzero, the value to set the stream head low-water mark to. Default is 0. tcp_wroff_xtra (Debug) Number of bytes of extra space to allocate in buffers for IP options and data-link headers. Default is 32. E.5 AIX 3.2.2 AIX 3.2.2 allows network options to be set at runtime using the no command. It can display the value of an option, set the value of an option, or set an option value back to its default. For example, to display an option we type: file:///D|/Documents%20and%20Settings/bigini/Doc...omenet2run/tcpip/tcp-ip-illustrated/append_e.htm (13 of 16) [12/09/2001 14.48.06] Appendix E: Configurable Options aix % no -o udp_ttl udp_ttl = 30 The following options can be modified. arpt_killc The time (in minutes) before an inactive completed ARP entry is removed. Default is 20. ipforwarding If 1 (default), IP datagrams are always forwarded. If 0, forwarding is disabled. ipfragttl The time to live (in seconds) for IP fragments awaiting reassembly. Default is 60. ipsendredirects If 1 (default), the host will send ICMP redirects when forwarding IP datagrams. If 0, ICMP redirects are not sent. loop_check_sum If 1 (default), the IP checksum is calculated...
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