TCP IP Illustrated

TCP IP Illustrated

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Unformatted text preview: nformation in unconditionally flushed from the IP routing table. Default is 1200000 ms (20 minutes). ip_irepathmtu_interval The interval at which the path MTU discovery algorithm tries to increase the MTU. Default is 30000 ms (30 seconds). ip_ire_redirect_interval The interval at which IP routing table entries that are from ICMP redirects are deleted. Default is 60000 ms (60 seconds). ip_ire_status (Read only) Displays all the IP routing table entries. ip_local_cksum If 0 (default), IP does not calculate the IP checksum or the higher layer protocol checksum (i.e., TCP, UDP, ICMP, or IGMP) for datagrams sent or received through the loopback interface. If 1, these checksums are calculated. ip_mrtdebug (Debug) Enables printing of debug output concerning multicast routing by the kernel, if 1. Default is 0. ip_path_mtu_discovery If 1 (default), path MTU discovery is performed by IP. If 0, IP never sets the "don't fragment" bit in outgoing datagrams. ip_respond_to_address_mask If 0 (default), the host does not respond to ICMP address mask requests. If 1, it does respond. ip_respond_to_echo_broadcast If 1 (default), the host responds to ICMP echo requests that are sent to a broadcast address. If 0, it does not respond. ip_respond_to_timestamp If 0 (default), the host does not respond to ICMP timestamp requests. If 1, the host responds. ip_respond_to_timestamp_broadcast If 0 (default), the host does not respond to ICMP timestamp requests that are sent to a file:///D|/Documents%20and%20Settings/bigini/Docu...homenet2run/tcpip/tcp-ip-illustrated/append_e.htm (8 of 16) [12/09/2001 14.48.06] Appendix E: Configurable Options broadcast address. If 1, it does respond. ip_rput_pullups (Debug) Count of number of buffers from the network interface driver that needed to be pulled up to access the full IP header. Initialized to 0 at bootstrap time, and can be reset to 0. ip_send_redirects If 1 (default), the host sends ICMP redirects when acting as a router. If 0, these are not sent. ip_send_source_quench If...
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