TCP IP Illustrated

Edu in the following script we send mail to ourself

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Unformatted text preview: records is to provide an alternative mail receiver when the destination host is down. If we look at the DNS entry for our host sun we see that it has two MX records: sun % host -a-v-t mx 86400 IN MX 86400 IN MX Additional information: 86400 IN A 86400 IN A 0 10 file:///D|/Documents%20and%20Settings/bigini/Doc...omenet2run/tcpip/tcp-ip-illustrated/smtp_sim.htm (11 of 23) [12/09/2001 14.47.52] Chapter 28. SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol 86400 IN A The MX record with the lowest preference indicates that direct delivery to the host itself should be tried first, and the next preference is to deliver the mail to the host In the following script we send mail to ourself at the host, from the host, after turning off the destination's SMTP server. When a connection request arrives for port 25, TCP should respond with an RST, since no process has a passive open pending for that port. vangogh % mail -v [email protected] A test to a host that's down. EOT [email protected].. Connecting to (smtp)... [email protected].. Connecting to (smtp)... remainder is normal SMTP mail transfer 220 We see that the MTA tries to contact and then gives up and contacts instead. Figure 28.5 is the tcpdump output that shows that TCP responds to the incoming SYNs with an RST. 1 2 3 4 0.0 0.000621 (0.0006) 0.300203 (0.2996) 0.300620 (0.0004) vangogh.3873 > S 2358303745:2358303745(0) ... > vangogh.3873: R 0:0(0) ack 2358303746 win 0 vangogh.3874 > S 2358367745:2358367745(0) ... > vangogh.3874; R 0:0(0) ack 2358367746 win 0 Figure 28.5 Attempt to connect to an SMTP server that is not running. In line 1 vangogh sends a SYN to port 25 at the primary IP address for sun: 140.252.1...
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