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Ratio debt debt preferred stock equity leverage ratio

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Unformatted text preview: ity Capitalization Ratio Debt Debt + Preferred Stock + Equity Leverage Ratio Debt EBITDA Interest Coverage Ratio EBITDA Interest Expense Debt Service Coverage Ratio EBITDA Interest Expense + Principal Payment Balance Sheet Ratio Calculations Current Ratio Quick Ratio Days Sales Outstanding Days Payables Outstanding Days Inventory Held Inventory Turns Current Assets Current Liabilities Cash + Marketable Securities + AR Current Liabilities Accounts Receivable x 365 Revenue Accounts Payable Cost of Goods Sold Inventory Cost of Goods Sold x 365 x 365 Cost of Goods Sold Inventory IRR Calculations —The discount rate that must be applied to the cash outflows and inflows during the investment horizon in order to produce a net present value (NPV) of zero. Investment (Year 0) Cash Inflow (Year 1) CF1 (1+IR CF0 + R)1 Cash Inflow (Year 2) CF2 + (1+IR R)2 Cash Inflow (Year 3) CF3 + (1+IR R)3 Cash Inflow (Year 4) CF4 + (1+IR R)4 Cash Inflow (Year 5) CF5 + (1+IR R)5 = —Excel IRR function or financial calculator 0.0 SEC Filing Documents Document Description 10K Annual report 10Q Quarterly report 8K Current report filing S-1 Pre-effective registration statement (typically an IPO registration statement) S-1/A Pre-effective amendment to an S-1 S-3 Most simplified registration form used by more experienced companies 424B2 Final offering prospectus which includes offering price and description of securities S-4 Registration of securities used in business combinations 144 Filing for sale of securities under Rule 144 Other Sources of Information —News —Research reports —Press releases —Company presentations Information Sources —Thomson Eikon —PitchBook —Factset —Capital IQ Thomson Reuters • Eikon PitchBook • • Website Video Library Factset • • Website You Tube (Factset solutions for investment bankers) Capital IQ • • Website You Tube (screening tool on Capital IQ)...
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