ANSC 330 Exercise Physiology I

On an all or nothing basis body uses a combination of

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Unformatted text preview: sing high energy phosphate stores: Creatine Phosphate: Phosphate: Cr-P Cr- + ADP + H + → Cr + ATP Used up in first 5 to 30 seconds of exercise Myokinase reaction: reaction: ADP + ADP → ATP + AMP May occur when ADP accumulates during high intensity exercise Quick, Quick, but low ATP yield reactions 12 Fuel for ATP Generation Cr-P + ADP + H+ Cr + ATP ADP + ADP ATP + AMP Pathway 2: Aerobic (Oxidative) Phosphorylation of ADP using carbohydrates Carbohydrates used as fuels for energy Dependent on oxygen Oxygen delivery to muscle dependent upon respiratory and cardiovascular systems ast ob at o o g ycoge e and Fast mobilization of glycogen in liver a d muscle Glucose + 6O2 + 36ADP → 6CO2 + 6H2O + 36ATP 13 Pathway 2: Aerobic (Oxidative) Phosphorylation of ADP using carbohydrates 1. Glycolysis: Glycolysis: 2. Krebs cycle: cycle: 3. Pyruvate converted to acetyl-coA, which acetylenters Krebs cycle Electron Transport Chain: Chain: Glucose converted to pyruvate Reducing equivalents enter this and generate more ATP Fas...
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