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You can tell because he uses a sociology textbook as

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Unformatted text preview: You can tell because he uses a sociology textbook as a refrence. -He used these examples to support his claim. he isarguing race, gender and birth stautus. Senteces are longer than normal and the tone is very influential. -The pieces orhanizged in the list format. he states myth and realities and his effective word choice heps present reality. This structure of providing helps. -He could have called on action and he also talks about avoidence of talking about class. Ethos Pathos Logos Critique of appeals What background does the writer have? How does he/she use ethical appeals develop trust in the reader? Does the writer stimulate the reader’s emotion? How? How is logic employed? What types of evidence are given? Where did the writer use appeals most effectively? Least effectively? What suggestions do you have to improve use of appeals? -author has written widely on sociemonomic clas issues in the US. He could refer to the situation that he enoucnter. -He helped use this with emotion a little but f ocused a lot of pathos. -There were a lot of facts throughout the piece that helped organized. he most effectiveltly used logos becuase of all the data he used. -Logos is most effective and pathos is least efective. He needs to include more personal stories that can hit on the readers emotions....
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