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Argument Analysis Goldwasser

Kids tend to know more because they have easier

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Unformatted text preview: s. Kids tend to know more because they have easier access to information because of the internet. Rhetorical Appeals -The text is aimed toward anyone who basically uses the internet and mainly kids because they use the internet most and it is in their generation. -In a way they are bashing the way that kids use the internet too much and they don't read as much. That is the stance and in a way Goldwasser is is being harsh o n the internet. -The essay was kind of sloppy, it would skip from point to point and it wasn't as effective as if she laid her points out in the beginning and then made her points in paragraphs. -The author could have been less accusing towards the internet and more accepting of the progression of technology. and tried to incorporate the idea that technology is advances too fast. Ethos Pathos Logos Critique of appeals What background does the writer have? How does he/she use ethical appeals develop trust in the reader? Does the writer stimulate the reader’s emotion? How?...
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