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Html 12 12213 homework 6stat565 haes edmue 1 read

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Unformatted text preview: omework 6.stat565 ha(es) edmue 1. Read ? e s for more details about the dataset. mue 2. Plot the lead concentration by location and describe the lead’s distribution in the area. You can add the river in with: dt(es.i) aamuerv muerv< a.aafaemuerv es_i - sdt.rm(es.i) ls_lt)+go_oyo(e(1 V) ihrtas=FLE dt =muerv atpo( emplgnasV, 2, nei.e AS, aa es_i) 3. Examine the relationship between l a , d s . and e e , and fit an appropriate regression model for ed itm lv the lead concentration based on these two variables. 4. Plot the res...
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