Prerequisite Self Test

If you need to get r installed or updated look at my

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Unformatted text preview: it. If you need to get R installed (or updated) look at my instructions from ST511. Use the following code to read in the chocolate, beer and electricity dataset from C&M Section 1.4.3. ce<", b - edtbeul"tp/ hae =TU) edr RE cedt < sqDt(sDt(15-10","901-1) b$ae -"980-1) sDt(19-20", b ="ot" y mnh) ceya < a.OIl(b$ae$er b$er - sPSXtcedt)ya cemnh< fco(otscedt) lvl =mnhnm) b$ot - atrmnh(b$ae, ees 1. Plot side by side boxplots of electricity for each month. 1/2 12/2/13 Prerequisite Self Test.stat565 2. Fit a linear regression for electricity with a fixed effect for each month and a linear term for the year. I.e. ϵ × Or, , in ST512 shorthand. , in linear model notation. 3. Plot the fitted values against the date. 4. Plot the residuals against the date. 2/2...
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