Lecture 8 -- Persuasion

Reason vs emotion depends on the issue 2 discrepancy

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Unformatted text preview: ge characteristics 1. Reason vs. emotion – depends on the issue 2. Discrepancy 3. 1 vs. 2 sided – depends on the initial attitude 4. Message order: a) Primacy effect b) Recency effect 5. Amount of information 6. Repetition Resisting persuasion 1. Reactance – Responding to a perceived threat to one’s freedom by acting in contradiction to the persuasion or influence 2. Attitude inoculation – Exposing people to weak attacks on their attitudes so they can better refute stronger attacks McAlister (1980) “Inoculated” 7th graders against peer pressure to smoke Taught responses to pro-smoking ads Role played responding to peer pressure McAlister (1980) Resisting persuasion 3. Forewarning – Forewarning people about counterattitudinal arguments decreases their effectiveness 4. Selective avoidance – Avoiding attacks on one’s beliefs to maintain the belief Questions?...
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