Accounting Chapter 2 Notes

This step shows there the data came from in this case

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Unformatted text preview: using the rules of debit and credit. (Review Section, lots of Graphs) PG 101 Preparing the Trail Balance from the T- Accounts - Trail balance summarizes the ledger (T- Account) by listing all the accounts with their balances- assets first, followed by liabilities, and then stockholders’ equity. - (warning!) Do not confused trail balance with the balance sheet. A trail balance is an internal document used ONLY by the company insiders. Outsiders see only the company’s financial statements, not the trial balance. PIC: Trial Balance Smart Touch Learning, Inc. Trial Balance April 3 0, 2013 Balance Account Title Debit Cash $21,000 Account Receivable 1,000 Office Supplies 500 Land 11,000 Accounts Payable… Details of ….Total…. 33500 Journals and Ledgers - The transaction date, April 1, 2013 - The accounts debited and credited, along with their dollar amount - Posting reference, abbreviated Post. Ref. (Balance Cont.) Credit 300 300 Details of Journalizing and Posting Journal Entry Accounts and Explanation Post Ref. Cash (A+) 101 Common Stock (Q+) 301 Issued Stock Date 2013 April 1 Debit 30,000 Credit 30,000 Ledger...
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