Anthropology Midterm #1 Essay

However these functions can be different in different

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Unformatted text preview: d customs practiced because they are believed to have meaning. Since non- Western societies have some of the most non- traditional culture, they have some of the most extravagant rituals. In this essay, I will discuss one of the famously practiced rituals, the Kula ritual. The Kula ritual is the practice of gift exchanges between neighboring islands near New Guinea and Malaysia. It is highly recognized for involving several neighboring islands to have practiced this rituals for over hundreds of years. Each island usually has a chief. The purpose of the ritual is the circle around important artifacts and gifts with rings of neighboring societies. The journey is by boat and it is a dangerous journey but highly celebrated ceremonies amongst the Trobriand islanders. Not only are important artifacts past around, but also gifts such as pots, clothing, and jewelry in exchange for important artifacts. Malinowski first discovered it on this field work. He describes several rules for these exchanges. Some practices includes you do not smile or show excitement, and the most important artifact has to go directly to the chief. Such large scale rituals, provokes questions by anthropologists such as why they do what they do, the meaning behind it, and where do they travel. It's the anthropologists cross perspective of culture, that can answer these questions. The Kula ceremony is a large scale ritual and a real life example how culture can have a strong impact. This does not only involve one society, but many. It is also a dangerous task that requires much time and planning...
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