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Anthropology Midterm #1 Essay

Nomadic cultures such as the kung knew when to leave

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Unformatted text preview: time past, the people in the !Kung community understood about over hunting and over gathering resources because they see less and less in their lives, even if they lived nomadically. Horticultural cultures are cultures that use very basic tools and usually rely on human power to do agriculture. An example of a horticulture society are the Trobriand Islanders studied by Malinowski. Their society did not have sophisticated tools to develop a strong market, however, they did have their own livestock and garden. Their social relations was similar to that of !Kung. Male and females played different roles in their society such that male were more in power. An example would be the males would participate the Kula Ceremony that distributed important artifacts to neighboring islanders. The women made beads, jewels, and clothing. The health in this culture was also good. In the Strangers Abroad series there was no strong emphasize on bad health amongst these people. In the Azandes society, another horticultural society, their use of witchdoctors and oracles were the doctors of their society that kept the Azandes in good health. Therefore staying in one area did not cause harmful diseases like in !Kung, who were not used to living in one area for long periods of time. The Trobriand Islanders had strong connections with the land and the people around them. Their Kula ceremony consisted of several surrounding societies in Melanesia. It was a very dangerous gift giving ceremony that carries important artifacts. In...
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