Anthropology Midterm #1 Essay

Not only are important artifacts past around but also

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Unformatted text preview: comparison, both the society had social structured that favored the males. In nomadic cultures, they treated disease by leaving it behind or did small healing ceremonials. However, in horticultural cultures, they have a more sophisticated system for treating diseases. Lastly, both nomadic and horticultural cultures have deep understanding for their land. Nomadic cultures, such as the !Kung knew when to leave the land and when to stay. The Azandes had a ritual of gift giving with the people and the islands surrounding them which showed deep understanding of their land. 3. Why are Anthropologists interested in rituals in non- Western societies? For example Kula ritual in Trobriand and explain what this practice of ritual reflects about a particular culture? Anthropologists are interested in non- Western societies because of the extremely different practices carried out by these societies. Anthropology is related to several fields such as biology, culture, archeology, and linguistics. Their cross- cultural perspective helps understand the economics, art, literature and politics within a society. Non- Western societies provide strong examples of extremely different cultures that isn't seen in most of the world. Culture itself is extremely important. Culture can help relate success, customs, and beliefs. It is also an aspect in society that is constantly changing. Therefore, anthropologists can understand how societies are different based on culture and the behaviors people perform in them. Some of these performances are rituals. Rituals are sacre...
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