Anthropology Midterm #1 Essay

The torres straits islanders had a detailed

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Unformatted text preview: . However, the Trobriand islanders perform these exchanges time and time again because of their culture and how the ritual means of very great importance to them. Therefore, in my interpretation, this ritual reflects how culture can provide unity, peace, and understanding of separate societies because they share similar beliefs. In conclusion, culture in this society has a strong impact of their rituals. 4, 4.Explain what anthropologists mean when they say that marriage is a culturally universal, but also adaptive and a problem solving custom? Consider different cross- cultural patterns in marriage. Marriage is a universal because there is some form of marriage in every society. For examples different societies can believe in different forms of marriage, such as monogamy, polygyny, and polyandry. Structurally, monogamy means only one woman and one man are married, polygyny means one man with two or more women, and polyandry means marriage of one women with two or more men. Ma...
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