Anthropology Midterm #1 Essay

The term noble savages was coined because the

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Unformatted text preview: be reliant on. They were also still doing symbolic painting on rocks and body painting to hold symbolic meaning for many years in their culture. Lastly, the Aborigines had rituals, such as the dream walk ritual. This was the ritual of a boy becoming a man. Together, still living a life not reliant on advancing tools, painting symbolic symbols, and holding spiritual rituals such as the dream walk made Spencer characterize his environment and the people in them as noble savages. The term noble savages was coined because the Aborigines seemed so uncontaminated and unspoiled from nature. In a sense, 19th century anthropologists thought "lower" cultures as primitive people, and living proof of what humans were in past history. However, E.P Pritchard dramatically changed that thinking. As a 20th century anthropologist he did fieldwork in Africa on the Azande. The Azande have strong belief in magic. Any unfortunate event, is usually the result of witchcraft. Oracles, are the answers of finding who is responsible of witchcraft, rather they know it or not. The oracles themselves have a hierarchy, such as the poison oracle and the rubbing board oracle. Then there is a witch doctor. The witch doctor performs rituals that are established as medicine because they will help remove the witchcraft poison. Each individual witch doctor and oracle perform their own rituals to find answers on who's responsible for the bad magic. As one can see, there is a complicated yet highly followed belief in witchcraft that has stru...
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