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INDIVIDUAL, SOCIETY & JUSTICE STUDY GUIDE EXAM #2 CHAPTER 5 UNLEASH THE COPS : MORE COPS; LESS CRIME? More cops will not necessarily mean less crime it also depends on what they are going to do. HIRING MORE POLICE: THE COPS PROGRAM WAS IT EFFECTIVE? COST- EFFECTIVE? The hiring grants and innovative grants were effective but the technology grants were not It is not cost effective at all it would take millions to reduce crime by 10% THE LESSONS OF KANSAS CITY : Kansas did not see a reduction in crime or a rise in crime with adding and subtracting police presents DETERRENCE? Deterrence must be able to get into the communities head to perceive there is more, criminals think they are invincible, and some are going to do what they are going to do. TRADITIONAL POLICE CRIME_FIGHTING STRATEGIES : CRACKDOWNS do not always work because they are unfocused NYC OPP did not work crack actually became a problem. Dealers find ways around them INNOVATIONS IN POLICING most experts agree will work PROBLEM ORIENTED POLICING o first careful planning (SARA) o make hot spots where high crime is o partnerships with other agencies o civil remedies such as clean up and restraining orders SMART o Worked in that area but had an effect on the other areas since it based most of the police in the hotspot FASTER RESPONSE TIMES : CRIMES IN PROGRESS would work but these only account for 3 percent of the crimes committed most criminals are long gone ZERO-TOLERANCE POLICING IN NEW YORK: IMPACT ON CRIME? Can not really base the crime rate on one factor because there are to many thing such as reduction in crack HOW TO EXPLAIN? With thought ELIMINATE THE TECHNICALITIES : EXCLUSIONARY RULE- excludes anything obtained illegally to be thrown out of court PURPOSES Protect the rights of individuals against police misconduct Maintain the integrity of the judiciary Deter police from misconduct
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