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Unformatted text preview: total project time = Maximum EF of the final activity(s) D B 4 E ‐ 8 Q: To do the forward pass, what do we need to consider…? F C,E 2 Starting Time for the project, ES for each activity, Finishing Time for the project Step 1: Construct the project network by using the AON network Step 2: Define the decision variables *Number of decision variables = Number of nodes (including the dummy nodes) in a project network. Let Xstart be the earliest start time for a project be the ES for the activity i (where i = A, B, C, D, E, F) Xi Xfinish be the earliest finish time for a project Step3: Define the objective function Minimize the total ES, Z = XA + XB + XC +XD +XE + XF Step4: Define the constraints *Number of constraints = Number of arcs in a project network, the Starting Time for the project and Non‐Negativity ES for the activity i Total Project Time Subject to: XStart = 0 (Starting Time for the project) XStart = 0 Start A B C D E F Finish ≥ XStart + 0 ‐XStart + XA ≥ 0...
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