Tutorial 9 - Linear Programming (Solver) Student


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Unformatted text preview: __ _________ 3. Non‐negativity _____________________________________ ≥ _________ CB2201 Sem B in 2012/2013 – TA1, TA3, TA4, TB5, TC4, TF4, TE3, TE4, TE5, TF1, and TF3 B. Solve the problem by computer. What is the best feed mix? Solution: Using Excel’s Solver How to use Excel’s Solver? Step 1: Formulate the LP Model in the spreadsheet How to calculate the LHS Value of the constraint? M1) Write down the whole formula M2) ___________________ function Can we set the LHS Value faster? Drag down but we have to … How to do this in Excel? ___________________ Step 2: Insert the LP Model into the Excel’s Solver o Optimal Solution: o A = _________ o G = _________ o M = _________ The optimal daily mix consists of _________ pounds of oat product, _________ pounds of enriched grain and ________ pounds of mineral product per house each day. o Optimal Objective Function Value: o Total Cost = __________________...
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