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Tutorial 2 - Probability Concepts Original


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Unformatted text preview: nt A: Getting a “One” (1 Favorable Outcomes: 1) h. Complement of Event B: Getting an even number (3 Favorable Outcomes: 2, 4, 6) CB2201 Sem B in 2012/2013 – TA1, TA3, TA4, TB5, TC4, TF4, TE3, TE4, TE5, TF1, and TF3 Venn Diagrams: Show the relationship between events and the corresponding sample space 5. 1.Rectangle represent the Sample Space and Circle represents the Event 2.Intersection (AND): The collection of ALL possible outcomes which are both event A and event B 3.Union (OR): The collection of ALL possible outcomes which are event A or event B or both 4.Mutually Exclusive Events: No interaction between event A and event B 5.Collectively Exhaustive Events: A group of events A, B, …, E which forms the Sample Space 6.Complement of A: The collection of ALL possible outcomes which are not in the event A Independent Events: when knowing event A occurs, there is telling nothing information whatever event B occurs : 6. Example...
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