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Unformatted text preview: ow restricted to B b. Independent Events: when knowing event A occurs, there is telling nothing information whatever event B occurs : : | Example: A ball is drawn and replaced and then a second ball is drawn: Independent Event Suggested Tutorial Questions Q2.16: A bin contains 8 red balls, 10 green balls, and 2 white balls. A ball is drawn and replaced, and then a second ball drawn. What is the probability of…? 1. A white ball on the first drawn? P W 2 1 0.10 20 10 2. A white ball on the first drawn and a red on the second? 3. *As two events are independent Two green balls being drawn? 4. *As two events are independent A red ball on the second, given that a white ball was drawn on the first? *As two events are independent CB2201 Sem B in 2012/2013 – TA1, TA3, TA4, TB5, TC4, TF4, TE3, TE4, TE5, TF1, and TF3 Q2.17: 651 of the 1‐inch nails, 243 of the 2‐inch nails, 41 of the 3‐inch nails, 451 of the 4‐inch nails, and 333 of the 5‐inch nails were placed in the bin. 1. What is the probability of reaching into the bin and getting a 4‐inch nail? 2. What is the probability of getting a 5‐inch nail? 3. If a particular application requires a nail that is 3 inches or shorter, what is the probability of getting a nail that will satisfy the requirements of the application? *Using Addition Rule...
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