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FIREARMS - FIREARMS The Second Amendment a A well regulated...

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Unformatted text preview: FIREARMS The Second Amendment a A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed FIREARMS CONSTITUTIONAL CONSIDERATIONS a HISTORY a Prohibition Crime was born LEGISLATION Mail, No guns to felons FIREARM ACT OF 1968 -- Intrastate sales; no minors or felons; Licensed sellers; No mail BRADY BILL 5 day handgun waiting ILLINOIS FIREARM SITUATION a PROHIBITED PERSONS Under 21 & misdemeanors Under 21 without parental consent Convicted felons Drug addicts Mentally ill Illegal aliens Those subject to protective orders Those convicted of firearm or domestic violence offenses ILLINOIS FIREARM SITUATION REGULATED SALES a PERMITS a BACKGROUND CHECKS a STATS a a 1999: FTIP 0.8% DENIED 1999 FOID 2.8% DENIED 1.2 MILLION FOID CARD CARRIERS CHICAGO Boston Gun Project What works? The problem Homicide Increase for young people -from 22 victims in 1987 to 73 victims in 1990 Boston experienced an average of 44 youth homicides per year between 1991 and 1995. Researched the Problem a What guns were being used in youth crimes, where were they coming from & how were youth acquiring them? New guns from Massachusetts, not as they had assumed a What was driving the violence? Role of gangs? Highly criminal population; 60% of homicides were gang related a What was the nature of the gangs? Drug pathways; FEAR Deterrence a a a a "Targeting gangs engaged in violent behavior. Reaching out directly to members of the targeted gangs. Delivering an explicit message that violence would not be tolerated. Backing up that message by "pulling every lever" legally available (i.e., applying appropriate sanctions from a varied menu of possible law enforcement actions) when violence occurred. Working together a a a a a a a a a Boston PD DEA ATF State Police US Attorney County DA Probation Parole Neighborhood Initiative Results a a a a a 63-percent decrease in youth homicides per month 32-percent decrease in shots-fired calls for service per month 25-percent decrease in gun assaults per month, 44-percent decrease in the number of youth gun assaults per month in the highest risk district (Roxbury) Why did it work? Focused on the "real problem" illegal guns involved in juvenile crime. a Community involvement a ...
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