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Review guide for Geography 60 midterm exam, 10/15/07 Geographies of Race and Ethnicity in the United States In general, you should be familiar with the key ideas and main points of each reading and the lectures, and be able to associate them with the authors of those ideas. To review the readings, consider making an annotated bibliography: list each author, title, and year of publication (copy them from the downloadable version o the syllabus in course reserves), and in 2-3 lines, write down the main points, topic, or argument of each reading. The exam format will be multiple choice and matching questions (terms and definitions, etc.), with a total of about 40-50 questions. Identity as multiple and contingent Categories of identity Marked, “strong” or legible identities, and performative identities Race as a sociohistorical concept Historically used defs/justifications Biological :Monogenesis v. polygenesis; Morton’s race tables/ phrenology; Hypodescent Religious: Salvation through enslavement; Economic: Ideas of property, property as moral/virtuous (Jefferson- yeoman farmer), Early colonial social relations Race and class struggles: indentured servitude, Bacon’s rebellion, rights Emergence of race as a category in US colonial history Similarities and differences with earlier forms of slavery Race as ideology Whiteness, “purity”, and superiority Imagined communities (Anderson) and their technologies
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3121629963 - Review guide for Geography 60 midterm exam...

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