Arranging health club insurance

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Unformatted text preview: to expand to about 25.000. Market and ServiceProvider Directories Things weren’t always so rosy for this niche. When InterWest started worldng with Industry Organizations health clubs back in 1984, the industry did not have the best reputation- Some clubs Calendar of Events would open in strip malls, heavily promote the sale of annual or even lifetime Agents Guide to Programs memberships, then fold six moths later-without refunding any of the membership fees. In California, health dubs were one of the top sources of complaints to the Other Insurance Websites 8etter Business Bureau. As the hard market hit clubs across the board had a Submit a Topic difficult time getting coverage and were relegated to the surplus-lines market Calculators In this environment however, our agency saw an opportunity. We knew the better clubs were competing for business by offering monthly memberships, which provided patrons with greater convenience and shielded them from the financial risk of long-term membership contracts. These tended to be owner-managed clubs that held memberships in organizations like IHRSA Unlike the ‘fly-by-night” dubs, they also had a substantial investment in exercise equipment and such facilities as swimmin...
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