Arranging health club insurance

For even small health clubs their investment in

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Unformatted text preview: our solicitation. Our program covers business personal property for replacement cost. For even small health clubs, their investment in cardiovascular-fitness equipment often runs to $250000 or more. Sometimes we find a dub owner’s estimation ci the value of this equipment is way off So we ask the owner to take the time to see what the equipment cost them and insure it accordingly In regard to liability exposures, swimming pools and Jacuzzis are always of major concern. The pools typically are used for such activities as lap swimming and water aerobics, rather than for recreational swimming. Private clubs with adult-only membership policies normally are not required to post lifeguards at the pools, but they are required to make periodic “safety sweeps” of the pools and such other areas as locker rooms, saunas and steam rooms. We ensure that these sweeps are being properly documented. Given that unfit people sometimes exercise too strenuously at clubs, heart attacks are not uncommon. In fact we experience five or six fatalities per year among the dubs we insure. The waiver language in the membership agreements again help...
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