Arranging health club insurance

Arranging health club insurance

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Unformatted text preview: ducts and services the dub sells, and the experience and qualifications of management and employees. In addition to the completed application, we obtain three-year hard copy loss runs and a copy of the dub’s membership agreement for the submission. Occasionally, financial statements are required Wan underwriter’s credit search turns up something questionable. Once an account is written, we stay in touch to provide any services the client might need. W~ile we don’t tell clients how to run their clubs, we do often recommend that they purchase a copy of the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health/Fitness Facilities Standards and Guidelines. We also distribute brief case studies drawn from our claims files. We publish this information in a newsletter, the Fitpak FIle, that we plan to start distributing electronically. http://www.agentandbroker.comffSG/AgefltBrOker/Maifl+~~4~t1d es/ArchivefHe&th+CI ... 8/9/2002...
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