Arranging health club insurance

Some clubs are now purchasing automated external

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Unformatted text preview: s shield the clubs ftom liability, but we also require club staff members to be CPR qualified. Some clubs are now purchasing automated external defibrillators. Their use in emergencies is covered by a federal “Good Samaritan statute, so they don’t present an additional liability risk to the clubs. The nursery/daycare exposure is an important one that our program covers. Most health clubs have areas in wtiich children are watched while their parents exercise. The dubs usually are not required to be licensed as daycare facilities, since the chIldren generally are not kept for more than a couple of hours, and their parents are on premises. Nevertheless, we need to obtain detailed information about such mailers as how many children are typically present at onetime, how many staff people or volunteers are watching them, how these people have been screened, whether the attendants have CPR and first-aid training, etc. The application is quite detailed. In addition to the information cited above, it requests specifics on the maintenance of equipment, the use of signage to indicate the proper use of equipment and off-limit areas, a breakdown of receipts for the various pro...
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