Arranging health club insurance

They contact the injured person and review the

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Unformatted text preview: club owner out of the middle of slip-and-fall claims and similar incidents. They contact the injured person and review the membership agreement’s waiver language with him or her. Sometimes, an injured club member who either doesn’t have health insurance or has a high deductible may decide to pursue a claim despite the waiver. Depending on the facts of the case, our claims department may conclude that it makes sense to use our med pay claims settlement authority. We can settle claims up to $1,000, which sometimes prevents a small incident from becoming a big claim. On larger claims, particularly property losses, our claims people are good at pointing out to adjusters where coverage exists in our program’s forms. On liability losses, we fight the daims that we feel should be fought, but if we feel that our insured does not have a strong case, our claims people are adept at explaining as much to the dub owner and “selling the settlement.’ ~ 8/9/2002 Our claims people are key members of our team...
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