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Arranging health club insurance

They help us gain accounts j and are a key factor in

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Unformatted text preview: . They attend trade shows with us, where they always are greeted warmly by our clients. They help us gain accounts J and are a key factor in our high retention rate. Evaluating the risk We have a comprehensive survey form that we use to gather data for a submission. In regard to property exposures, we ensure that any kitchen areas have Ansul-type fire suppressions systems and that sprinlder systems are begin checked at proper intervals. For any dub situated in a building more than 25 years old, we like to see that the roofing, plumbing, wiring, etc. have been updated. Our program includes ordinance or law coverage, which means we need to take care in evaluating older buildings. While once inspecting a club in Los Angeles, we learned that the applicable ordinances could compel the club to erect a parking garage in the event of any loss that required the dub to obtain a building permit Rather than face the possibility that a $50000 kitchen fire could force our insurer to pay for a $1.5 million garage, we politely ended...
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