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Arranging health club insurance

While we already know most of the established dubs in

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Unformatted text preview: mber that does not meet our underwriting criteria. While we already know most of the established dubs in our marketing territory, we learn of new clubs primarily through our relationships with the associations. The associations also are our chief vehicle for promoting ourselves to clients and prospects. We exhibit at the associations’ conventions and contTibute articles to their publications. ) When we meet with prospects, we naturally hope to obtain their business. But if we don’t, we at least want to make a good impression and build our credibility, because there’s always next year. Consequently, we are happy to quote and don’t require the prospect to give us some sort of upfront commitment. Since we’re going to only one market quoting is not an expensive proposition for us, and we dose 50% of our proposals anyway. So we don’t push too hard. Wien prospects turn down our proposals, we invite them to call us anyway for advice on risk management or other subjects. By taking this tack, we often eventually win a prospect’s business after the cl...
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