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At ringing animal train ing always begins in the

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Unformatted text preview: lorcement. a specific amma training regimen that is based on mutual trust and respect between the trainer and the animal. At Ringing, animal train ing always begins in the animal’s infancy, and involves teaching the animal to perform alongside humans, as well as requiring that the difficulty of a given trick never exceed an aid rnal’s abilities. The company also expressly forbids trainers to whip. beat, physically or verbally abuse or withhold food or nter from animals n training methods. To ensure the health and safety of the arilnials. Ringing maintains teams of trainers for each type of animal, a stablemaster, and a full-time veteri narian and veterinaijan’s assistant. As part of their normal care, Ringling’s animals are given daily health inspec tions and exercise, proper diets, clean and exemplary housing conditions. and regular personal contact with people. Also, to deal with emergen cies. the company maintains veteri narians on call in each city where the show will tour. Ringling’s animal safety program results in healthy, well-conditioned animals that enjoy longer lives than their counterparts in the wild. Ringing also provides 24-hour secun cy for the animals, whether they are being housed, transported or perform ing. Also, since circus animaLs are a source of joy to spectators. many visi tors may be tempted to touch or pet an animaL. However, since touching of animals represents a possible public liability exposure. Ringling cordons animals off from the public, prior to. during and after a show, as well as during the traditional animal walk, when the circus marches the animals into town to Idck off an engagement. Since the natural habitat for many wiLd animals is gradually disappear ing, Ringling believes it can pLay a major roLe in the preservation and maintenance of animal species. En 1985. RingLing established an ele phant farm in central Florida where captive breeding progrims are used for performance animals. Earlier this year. two elephants named Romeo and juLiette, were born at the farm. Fo...
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