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Risks under big top

Chipperfields somersaulting onto the back of another

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Unformatted text preview: ith its foot, sending Mr. ChipperfieLd’s somersaulting onto the back of another pachyderm. The teeterboard thck has not always gone smoothly, however, once, an elephant hit the teeterboard too had, sending Mr. ChipperfieLd’s onto the ground with a broken ankle. Even with superbly trained animals, accidents can happen. One of Ringling’s most unusuaL animal acts is performed by Chepiakova & Kim. a husband and wile team (eatunng trained bears that rtde horses! Onginated by Lvubov Chepiakova’s mother and father in Kiev, Ukraine, decades ago, Lyubov and her Korean-born husband Vilorik Kim are continuing an act in which bears weighing between 220 to 440 pounds climb onto the backs of hors es, race around the ring, jump through hoops and even perform handsprings. A S*rr Citus Given such acts, it is no surprise that injury is an ever-present risk in cirrus performing. However. Ringling’s top management is fully aware of these risks — as well as those associated with cirrus set-up and tear-down — and the consequent need to maintain effective. fuWy developed safety and loss control programs. This emphasis on safety forms a key component of Ringling’s corporate philosophy. In fact, when they purchased Ringling in 1967, Irvin and Israel reid declared that the saIe~y of Ringlin~s perform ers and support staff would be the company’s highest priority; today, safety and risk management remain a centraL concern of the organization. where it has the full backing of Kenneth feld, Ringling’s current owner, president and producer. Ringling, which works closely with its broker Willis Corroon. is regarded as having one of the lowest cLaim records in any industry. A regular fea ture of Ringling’s nsk management philosophy is frequent brainstorrrung sessions with Willis Corroon’s nsk management consuLtants that involve carefully analyzing all circus opera tions and procedures to continually improve the company’s claims and risk control record. Ringling’s insurance program uses high deductibles and self-ins...
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