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Mr feld other senior company executives ringlings

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Unformatted text preview: Immediately after the crash, a disaster ollice was set up onsite, and counsel,ors were hired to care for circus employees, their depen dents and animals. Mr. Feld, other senior company executives. Ringling’s risk manager. 100 other company managers. adjusters and outside con sultants were at the scene within 24 hours to help performers and their families deal with any trauma they may have suffered. Within 72 hours of the accident, all personal property claims were settled, and the show was already back on the road. Since the accident was the first train-related fatality due to a derail ment at Ringling in more than 100 years. the company is convinced that trains remain the safest way to trans port its unique cargo of people. ani maLs and circus magic. This convic tion is based on the belief that if Ringling tried to transport the circus over the road in tracks, the potential for accidents ‘would be far greater. Nevertheless, the accident demon strated that a crisis can strike at any time, thereby pointing out the necessi tyfor a sound business continuity plan. For Ringling, running a business with such a diverse array of exposures is a chaLlenge that requires a corpo race.wide commitment to safety and risk management. Since R.ingling’s upper management provides this commitment, the company has been able to maintain highly safe operations that have aLso resulted in significant insurance cost reductions. These sav ings encompass all of Ringlings oper ations. including its two circuses, sev eral traveling Lce shows and a hightech Las Vegas show. In regard to risk management, then, Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus does not clown around. RN DOES SURVEILLANCE PAY OFF? ASK BILL KIZOREK: RE’S GOT THE EVIDENCE ~0—• ,iaeiitc - —-1 Important Vide ~itc I. lmporta V1d4 ~idMfl,~I’ I ~enceL~ .~ LfiiDcrtaaVId cleact .videnct - £1 at Vid Evid~ —I ~‘in~~a yid~ EvId.nt~..] dence~~2~4J Evtden~~ 4~1 Important VIdeo Ev~dencr liii nwafl l9de After writing six bocks on surveillance and testifying, Bill, president of InPhoto Surveillance, has a lot of ideas on how to save indemnity dollars with effective use of surveillance. InPhoto has full-time agents within a three-hour drive of 85% of the U.S.A. population. For additional information call or fax: ~ ~-l~.,pJi,S~ InPhoto Surveillance 800-8224220 FAX 800-752-0720 Just PuSlihed: Greenhorn Wtnesi: The an 04 eaf~*~ in deØosi~onS and court. Cast i $3.95 phas sIi~irig sit hanling. AuGusT 1994/ Risc MANAGn4CNr 47...
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