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Ringling also has in house counsel that are very

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Unformatted text preview: ured retentions, as well as third-party administrators for all lines. Ringling also has in-house counsel that are very proactive in the liability area, a hands-on file management system. and a sophisticated medical manage ment program for workers’ compen sation cases. Ensuring a safe circus for both performers and spectators requires support and technical empioyees expertly trained Lfl equipmerit handling and maintenance, Ranging’s support staff, whicri num bers approximately 150 employees per unit, is responsible for loading and unloading the circus trains, then setting up the rigging for each show, which includes tasks such as driving forklifts, hanging wires, ropes and cables from high elevations, and installing electricaL and lighting equipment — all activities traditional ly associated with significant workers’ compensation exposures. Ringling also operates its own prop shop in Sarasota, Florida, where in-house staff create all props, decorative designs and embeLlishments for the circus wagons; the activities of the prop shop are incorporated into Ringlings risk management program. Setting up the circus takes between six and eight hours, and requires support employees to install approximateLy 25.000 yards of rope and rigging for each show, then check the torque of wires to ensure proper gauging. Maintenance staff must also confirm that all netting is correctly sited and that guide wires for aerial performers, or mechani calf in circus Lingo. are intact and TIE 0 3J~f Ill [OP Since pedonne~’ lives direcily depend on the equipment used in their acts and since injuries are most often due to equipment failures before each show Aingling’s pedor~e~ carefully test all nening, wirino and other appaia~ses to ensure each.piece of equipment is in pedect working order. — — accurately positioned. Since performers lives directly depend on the equipment used in their acts, before each show Riqgling’s performers carefully test all netting. wiring and other apparatuses to ensure each piece of...
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